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How Many Fake Flash Memory Seller Counterfeit Rings Detected On eBay By SOSFaKeFlash? December 2009

December 30, 2009 3 comments

SOSFakeFlash, with the assistence of frauded eBay members is busy documenting eBay fake flash memory sellers. Victims who discover they have purchased a false capacity mp player, memory card or usb flash drive are providing information on the fraudulent sellers. This helps SOSFakeFlash to detect links between eBay seller ids. When links are established between sellers, a new counterfeit ring is entered into their database or a new id added to an existing one.

Just how many different counterfeit rings has SOSFakeFlash uncovered as of December 2009 operating on eBay?

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3ToTrade – Communication with The Don Of Fake Flash – HarryEvidence

December 29, 2009 1 comment

HarryEvidence was an early victim in the battle against fake flash memory items on eBay. He purchased from eBay seller id, 3ToTrade. At the time, the emerging band of eBay members joining together to fight against the selling of false capacity usb flash drives had no idea just how deep the fraud was. They did not know the significance of this id, 3ToTrade. Soon to be named the “Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient”, 15 different ids have been associated as of December 2009 under a counterfeit Ring called 3ToTrade.

Anyone struggling to receive a refund from a fraudulent seller of mp3 mp4 players, memory cards or usb flash drives should read the conversation carefully documented by HarryEvidence. One objective of fake flash memory sellers is have you believe this is a new problem, that it only happened to you.

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Radarman’s Full Refund From Hong Kong eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller go2besthk. Radarman’s Conversations.

Radarman is an eBay member sold a false capacity usb flash drive from eBay seller go2besthk. Presented to you in chronological order are the communications between Radarman and go2besthk. SOSFakeFlash and Radarman hope you will find it helpful in dealing with your fake flash seller. It is one of the most interesting and intriguing communications on record between an eBayer and a fake flash memory seller. Even fun to read! It also demonstates how you must persist.

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PayPal Shields EBay Fake Flash Seller 3ToTrade – Odyssey of FlashDad

Paypal – deaf and dumb, this is the conclusion of eBayers claiming against fraudulent sellers of usb fake flash drives on eBay. Are there any real employees at PayPal? eBayers are assaulted by email templating from mindless robotic emailers. They suspect that those clicking on the templates to select responses have an IQ no greater than 10. This is astonishing and very hard to believe. Is technology overruling common sense in a effort to save pennies?

We have reviewed too many communications sent to eBayers and have one conclusion – those operating the dispute console have no room to use their intelligence – the robotic templates control.

The language which follows is for mature audiences only. SOSFakeFlash will not censor the emotions of those frustrated by PayPal, eBay or Fake Flash Sellers. We do code the identity of those who come forward and will remove information which leads to personal identification.

Presented is the story of FlashDad, who followed procedure and filed a claim at PayPay, naively believing there was something called “Buyer Protection“.

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