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best2all8888 eBay Fake Flash Seller Uses Bribery Then Unpaid Item Strike Against Victim Who Bought A Fake SDHC Memory Card.

best2all8888 is a long established Powerseller on eBay who engages in fraud. best2all8888 has sold false capacity memory cards along with MP Players. best2all8888 has been identified as belonging to the Lee Man Fung counterfeit ring operating on eBay.

BlueStar was one of his victims. He bought a fake 16GB SD SDHC Memory Card Secure Digital Class 6 card. Like many victims he first tested his card with H2testw . It was only 2GB, it had been digitally altered to report a false capacity of 16GB. BlueStar left negative feedback, to warn other buyers. What happened?

BlueStar Reported:

Seller resorts to bribe to change negative feedback.

best2all8888 wrote:

I`m sorry to see that you left a negative feedback against us
I thought refund is the best solution for you,but you are not satisfied with it
We can refund another 5USD to you for compensaition
Please help us remove the negative feedback

BlueStar refused:

On failure to remove negative feedback seller then opens an unpaid case to ebay.

best2all8888 has opened an Unpaid Item case for New 16GB GB SD SDHC Memory Card Secure Digital Class 6(#xxxxxxxxxxxxx).

Ebay automation falls for this trap and gives me an Unpaid Item strike.

Ebay has now removed this strike on appealing, but what an experience.

best2all8888 like many fake flash memory sellers on eBay will do anything to get a frauded buyer to remove negative feedback. It affects their performance measurement on eBay, it reduces consumer confidence. It is a violation of eBay policy but they will do all the same. In some cases as a condition to receive a refund, in others they will offer a bribe. When either action does not work they can be vindictive and issue an unpaid item strike against the buyer.

There is another reason to issue an unpaid item strike. So the fake flash memory seller can have his listing fees refunded.

BlueStar’s experience is not the exception on eBay, it is very common; especially when the buyer made the mistake of purchasing from an eBay seller based in the Orient who sells false capacity memory items.

best2all8888 has a high feedback score and if you review his negative and neutral feedback you will see that he is skilled in getting buyers to change their feedback. BlueStar paid less then $15 US for his fake 16GB memory card purchased on eBay. He got more than he bargained for in his eBay buying experience.

It an eBay seller demands you change your feedback as a condition of refund, attempts to bribe you to remove negative feedback or issues an unpaid item strike against you – report the seller to eBay immediately. Export your eBay messages to your private email address as proof.

  1. ians1
    April 22, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    Same thing happened to me with seller safe2star (mentioned elsewhere on here) when I bought a supposed 16GB Touch Screen MP4 player. It was 1.8GB and safe2star initially agreed a refund and paid it through Paypal. He then asks for positive feedback but acted surprised when I left the truth as negative feedback. He then raised a non paying bidder claim (because you can’t raise a case with Paypal once you issue a refund) to which I reported to both ebay and Paypal. The claim was removed before I received a strike for it.

    I have reported safe2star to Hong Kong Police and Hong Kong Customs and excise but so far have not had any reply.

    I will post here when I hear something.

    • red
      April 23, 2010 at 5:44 am


      Good one. This is a seller with a high feedback score and a long history of such antics.

      If you’d like to do more to stop this bandit, consider being a Fake Flash Angel to warn other buyers.

    • BeenHad
      November 12, 2010 at 5:54 pm

      Yep – same thing here with safe2star. He said item was “caught in customs” them I got it 45 days later, and it was defective. He gave me a 2 week run around and then said send it back before refund or other item. then said he sent another one out, that never reached me. Then said he would refund in full. He refunded, 1/4 of it, so I refused it and billed him through paypal (sent request) what he owed and he refused to pay that. I think hes taking the money, dragging it past 60 days for e-bay disputes and not paying

  2. Steve Leaver
    April 13, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    I got the following:-

    Dear friend,

    I am sorry to know that you left the negative feedback after receiving your full refund.
    You know i have kept my promise to arrange full refund to you first.
    IF you really are not satisfy for my service,i would like to ship a nice gift to you for my sincere apologies.
    Just hope you can kindly remove the negative feedback for me..Many many thanks.
    – 隐藏引用文字 –

    waiting for your response.

    Best regards,

    – obamastores

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