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Is eBay Removing Your Negative And Neutral Feedback For A Seller Who Sells Fake MP3 MP4 MP5 Players, USB Flash Drives or Memory Cards?

Recently SOSFakeFlash has received reports from eBay members who left negative and neutral feed back for a seller of fake and false capacity flash memory, that their feedback disappeared! Is this true?

FakeMemorySentinel issues warnings on eBay sellers who sell flash memory products. Their investigative team is highly trained in spotting false capacity flash memory items. The leader of the team, Dragon Dakel reports that many sellers reported at the site are being suspended by eBay with zero feedback. Metrics being collected indicate that for some listings there are 100~500 purchases. What is happening to buyers? Are they being warned and refunded by eBay? Or are they being silenced?

The battle to end the sale of fake flash memory products on eBay continues to escalate. Sellers mostly registered in Asia continue to start new id’s on a daily basis. They tend to prefer “Buy Now” listings. It requires immediate payment. In using “Buy Now” listings it is also much easier for eBay to remove the listings and hide the trail of fake flash memory sales on eBay.

SOSFakeFlash reports that more buyers are reporting their information being removed on eBay. Many of the FrankenFlash sites have been battling sellers registered in Singapore. Recently all id’s being reported have been suspended, magically, fast! eBay is reading the project sites. They are acting. But…

They are not acting in the interest of their members, instead they are acting to protect themselves and keep the listing fees generated from the sale of fake flash memory products.

Are you a person who found the listing information from your won list disappearing? Did you discover you bought a fake mp player, usb flash drive or memory card and were unable to leave negative feedback because eBay raced to suspend the seller? If this describes you, you can still have the last word. Visit SOSFakeFlash.

Type your seller’s name into the search box. If there is an alert, leave a comment about your experience. If you don’t find your seller:

1) leave a comment on the Report A Fake Tab.

2) Send your information in to SOSFakeFlash for investigation. They will investigate and publish on your seller.

  1. February 27, 2011 at 11:57 pm

    tamstore003 is also LEE MAN FUNG stole 63.00 us dollars from me off EBAY THIS GUY SHOULD BE IN JAIL

  2. Ange
    October 7, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    I was just googling this… cause I had one negative feedback and it disappeared too… so maybe it’s not just the mp3s. or something.

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