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Those Fake USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drives Being Sold On eBay “Made In Japan”. The Fraud Does Not Stop. It Is The Oldest Documented Fake Pen Stick Sold On eBay. Over 1000 Buyers For Just One eBay Seller This Time Registered In France. Lowest Price For 256GB? Only $24.99 AU

Most “USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drives” sold on eBay these days originate with eBay sellers in Singapore. They are also sold by many small eBay sellers in the United States.

Recently FlashDriveFacts published this report and recommendation:

Changing Trends In The Sale Of Fake Memory On eBay For USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards And MP Players. SOSFakeFlash Advises Do Not Buy From eBay Sellers With Low FeedBack Scores. Avoid Sellers with Scores Under 300+ To Protect Yourself From Potential Fraud. Learn Why.

The information comes two sites most actively engaged in exposing eBay flash memory fraud. It is hard to keep up with their alerts and warning to protect buyers. Is it doing any good?

For leather usb flash drive fakes, fraudulent sellers are selling from ids registered in other countries. They have started to hide listings in categories eBay does not routinely check. It’s taking the flash memory war on eBay to a brand new level. Hide and Go Seek? The sellers hide, the naive buyers seek.

One of the most recent and glaring examples is eBay seller jeanrob89 registered in France. Over 1,000 buyers have purchased fake memory from him. As we publish, there is no feedback for the flash memory items being sold. This seller leaves feedback in French except for a recent item whern he used English? Is this a clue?

You would think it obvious you can not buy a real capacity 64GB flash drive for only $8.89 AU, but so far 544 buyers have bought one. They believe you can.

It is possible to buy a 128GB capacity flash drive for $14.99 AU? It seems 339 buyers thought they could get one so cheap.

The 32GB capacity is less popular for a flash memory drive these days. Everyone wants a BIG flash drive cheap. Still, over 232 eBay buyers so far believe they can get real capacity 32 GB flash drive for only $6.76 AU!

The hot capacity everyone wants is the 256GB flash drive and so far 121 buyers believe they are going to receive one, for only $24.99 AU.

There are even people who believe you can get a genuine 16GB SANDISK M2 PRO DUO MEMORY STICK 16 GB PS for only $6.89 AU. You might not fall for it, but you would be surprised just how many people do.

If potential buyers read

Flash Memory Chips – Prices

perhaps they would be less eager to buy flash memory on eBay. Wiser?

People buying from jeanrob89 will be lucky if they receive anything at all. eBay will probably shut down this id as soon as the listings are spotted and leave buyers in the dark. Possibility without the opportunity to reclaim their funds. It happens just too often on eBay. You can expect eBay to sweep fraudulent fake memory listings under the carpet as soon as they find them, they don’t want internet proof or the negative press. According to KittyFireFlash at SOSFakeFlash, eBay protects the sellers to protect themselves.

jeanrob89 isn’t selling on eBay to loose money. It means only one thing…

The images used by jeanrob89 according to SOSFakeFlash and FakeMemorySentinel are painfully deja vu. Their investigators see them over and over and over again on eBay. Fake memory sellers are not creative or imaginative in their stock photos. Their objective is to list in volume with “Buy It Now” and deregister from eBay as soon as they can, close their PayPal accounts too. They intend to keep the money. eBay and PayPal can’t keep up with their new strategy.

The scam of selling fake memory on eBay is evolving.

It is not decreasing. It is simply getting sneakier. If you see lists like these available on eBay…..

STOP! Do not bid for them. Do not buy them.

64GB USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drive
128GB USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drive
32GB USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drive
256GB USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drive

If you do bid and buy, you will become another statistic of eBay flash memory fraud. If you make the mistake, visit SOSFakeFlash immediately. You can report your seller with their “Report A Fake” tab on the main menu.

If you have bid but not yet paid, don’t. Instead report the listing to eBay and “DEMAND” eBay cancel your transaction, immediately. Do not go through with the transaction for a fraudulent flash memory seller on eBay.

jeanrob89 demonstrates what you should not buy flash memory on eBay. eBay can’t stop scamming sellers or does not want to. The leather usb flash drive is the oldest fake still being sold on eBay. It was sold in fake capacity over 9 years ago. This flash drive can easily be reprogrammed with low level software to report any size to operating systems.

The usb controller chips in the leather usb flash drives have a flaw, easily exploited to change the real capacity of the flash storage chip. It why it is the OLDEST surviving FAKE SOLD on eBay.






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USB Leather Pen Thumb Memory Flash Stick Drive Made In Japan. This Title Description On eBay Is For Fake Flash Memory. If You Buy You Will Receive A Fake Guaranteed. Beware Of Advertised Capacity Of 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB Or 256GB. Singapore eBay pillxs eBay Flash Memory Seller Is Only One Of Many Sellers Waiting To Fraud You. Test Immediately To Verfiy Advertised Capacity. Please Avoid Fake Memory Products! Fälschung?

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    September 28, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    Thanks for info.I was going to buy a 256gb usb stick but I aint now.

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