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Kingston Technologies Offers Help To eBay Victims Frauded With Counterfeit Flash Memory

October 21, 2010 820 comments

One of the most difficult problems facing eBay members purchasing fake flash memory is proving the item(s) are false capacity and if branded – Counterfeit. If a buyer claims the item is counterfeit, eBay frequently demands the buyer prove it. SOSFakeFlash received an interesting story from one buyer and how Kingston Technologies was willing to help out. His story is documented here. Read more…

Is eBay Removing Your Negative And Neutral Feedback For A Seller Who Sells Fake MP3 MP4 MP5 Players, USB Flash Drives or Memory Cards?

October 2, 2010 2 comments

Recently SOSFakeFlash has received reports from eBay members who left negative and neutral feed back for a seller of fake and false capacity flash memory, that their feedback disappeared! Is this true? Read more…

Did You Buy From zhouxun_gunha198305 eBay Fake Memory Seller? USB Flash Drive 256GB Or MP Player?

zhouxun_gunha198305 fake flash memory seller has been suspended on eBay. You will no longer be able to access your won list to inspect your fake usb flash drive or mp player.

Courtesy of FakeMemorySentinel here are some of the buy now listings zhouxun_gunha198305 offered: Read more…

Dt200 Fakes Or China Gowns eBay Ring Selling Fake 128GB USB Flash Drives By FakeMemorySentinel

March 25, 2010 3 comments

22 eBay seller are linked together in selling fake memory usb flash drives. Almost all advertised at 128GB capacity, most sell counterfeit DT200 Kingston DataTraveler usb flash drives usually for as little as $30 US dollars or less. These sellers have sold using multiple item listings and have frauded thousands of buyers together. Is your seller on this list? Read more…

Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009

January 10, 2010 561 comments

December 2009, SOSFakeFlash has 72 countries where members have been frauded with false capacity flash memory items purchased on eBay. This report covers 2008 through 2009 and five continents are affected.

Read more…

How Many Fake Flash Memory Seller Counterfeit Rings Detected On eBay By SOSFaKeFlash? December 2009

December 30, 2009 3 comments

SOSFakeFlash, with the assistence of frauded eBay members is busy documenting eBay fake flash memory sellers. Victims who discover they have purchased a false capacity mp player, memory card or usb flash drive are providing information on the fraudulent sellers. This helps SOSFakeFlash to detect links between eBay seller ids. When links are established between sellers, a new counterfeit ring is entered into their database or a new id added to an existing one.

Just how many different counterfeit rings has SOSFakeFlash uncovered as of December 2009 operating on eBay?

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