Flash Memory Chips – Prices

Genuine Verses Fake Counterfeit USB Flash Drives – A Guide – USB Flash Chips Used In USB Flash Drives – Grades A B C D

What Are The Real Costs For Flash Chips In China? Guide 2009

How Can You Spot Fake Flash Memory Chips? What Is the Key Factor That Determines If MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drives Or Memory Cards Are Fake Capacity?

Flash Memory Prices Are Rising In 2009 – Up To 25% Since April 2009. Danger Of Grade C and D Being Used In False Capacity MP Players, USB Flash Drives And Memory Cards.


NAND Flash Market: Spot Prices & Outlook 2009

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Note: If size is quoted as Gb, this means you must divide the size by 8. For example 64Gb is 64/8 for 8GB capacity. “b” stands for bits, not bytes. 8 bits make 1 byte.

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