Flash Chip Tech

Flash Chip Tech – Reports on flash memory technology. Techchip’s mandate is to “fight fake capacity flash memory“. Information includes links to sites to validate brand names, links to  memory manufacturers to research actual capacity of memory chips using their serial identification information.

Techchip’s site is more technical in it’s orientation. The subject of nand flash technology is important to demystify for consumers. Lack of information is one of the major causes people become victims of fake memory purchases.

Team members are currently investigating how mmeory chips seem to be manipulated and reprogrammed.  They provide assistance to the FixFakeFlash website. InspectorTech’s “Hospital” tries to help victims return reprogrammed flash memory to true capacity and working devices. 

Recent information has raised concern at FlashChipTech more grade C and D chips are being used in fakes – these substandard chips have a shorter lifespan and a great probability of failing.


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