SOSFakeFlash – Main Site

SOSFakeFlash – The main site in the FrankenFlash Project.

Alerts on fake flash sellers are issued from this site once investigations complete. SOSFakeFlash documents on false capacity memory mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives that are evading the global market – destroying peoples data and files.

You will find:

  1. Information on testing
  2. Investigated fake flash sellers and their products
  3. Updated lists of fake flash memory sellers who sold or sell on eBay

Two posts are used to discuss how to repair fake flash memory items. People share their progress and solutions.

SOSFakeFlash issues alerts on the internet when a seller is investigated to have sold false capacity devices. In the summer of 2009 they introduced a zero tolerance policy on eBay sellers. This assists victims who search for information on the internet about the seller.

There is lots of information on dealing with eBay, PayPal and fake flash sellers. Victims often leave comments on their fake flash sellers alert. To find the seller’s article, you just type in the sellers name into the search box.

When eBay suspends a seller you can not longer leave feedback but you can at SOSFakeFlash. You just add a comment on the sellers alert posting.

There are also personal stories that victims send in for others to read. FlashFakeCentral will republish many of these stories soon to provide a quick reference collection. These stories give a human face on this horrible issue.

SOSFakeFlash is a very active and lively site. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to their articles and comments:

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