The FrankenFlash Project was established to address the issue of false capacity memory nand chips flooding global markets. The Project has different groups and websites.

  1. FlashFakeCentral – The Hub
  2. FlashChipTech
  3. FakeFlashNews
  4. FakeMemorySentinel
  5. FixFlashFlash
  6. FlashDriveFacts
  7. SOSFakeFlash – Main Action Site

Detailed information on each site is available on the sub menus, including a quick access hyper link to visit.

Each site addresses different issues. The groups cooperate and assist each other. Members span the global. All are volunteers. People generally sign on for short “tours of duty”. Senior members guide the efforts. The ancients: research, investigate, advise and write.

Help is welcomed. Assistance large or small in addressing the issue(s) is appreciated and actively encouraged.

Each sites shows recent articles from other sites in the project and some times even comments on side menu bars. Some present the most recent posts for each site, followed by a much longer list further down the menu bars. The objective is to make it easy for readers to spot new and interesting content at a glance. Every site has an internal search box to find information, a calendar, categories and archives. Most sites have an Article list page, that lists every article published on the site, from most recent to earliest.

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